Discover the magical world of real SOKOLATA at Agapitos: We create unique artisan chocolate bars & chocolates with the best Belgian chocolate from exquisite cocoa plantations around the world. For four generations we have been handcrafting with the same enthusiasm, delicious chocolates bringing together the finest traditions in chocolate making with inspirations from art & fashion and extraordinary ingredients from around the world.

With SOKOLATA, you will be introduced to an exceptional selection of artisan chocolate creations including praline chocolates & fondant crèmes, handmade truffles with exquisite fillings, unique no sugar added chocolates, amazing 3D chocolate creations and a large range of chocolate bars comprising of:
- Flavoured chocolate
- Bars with toppings
- 70% and 80% cocoa content
- No Sugar added chocolate bars
- Organic chocolate bars
- Origin chocolate (from specific plantations)
- Chocolate bars with designs inspired from art & fashion
- Seasonal and thematic chocolate bars with vibrant embossed chocolates
- The unique giant chocolate bars with a custom message/wish!