It was not long after the war, in 1944, when grandfather Agapitos, who was the head pastry chef in the historic Floca, opened his own pastry shop on Tsimiski street, where the crowd waited in long queues to get inside! Traditional sweets, few and exquisite ones of high-quality and from personal recipes that are preserved as such till this day, in honour of the old time and generations... Years have passed by during which the pastry shop-ciocolaterie has experimented itself with different actions and it has now readied its final form with the impressive display window! Apart from the traditional sweets (triangle, rodini, savaren etc. ), the shop impresses also with its large variety (more than 100 combinations) in chocolates, truffles, pralines ranging from simple and filled ones to nuts, superfoods and red pepper and the innovative 3D preparations! Agapitos has reached the ultimate level of specialization on chocolate, while the new plans are many and interesting with the chocolate laboratory few meters from the shop being the first one to set the pace. But, why its chocolate is so special? Apart from using the best belgian chocolate and qualitative products, the defining factor is the expansion of the variety and the imagination of creation above all!

Agapitos: The epitome of fine patisserie in Thessaloniki. For four generations we have been creating with the same drive, enthusiasm and the best ingredients, unique pastries based on the original traditional recipes of Grandfather Agapitos. For 72 years, the patisserie school of Agapitos has been a point of reference throughout Greece.

Relish from our unique patisserie (cakes, gateauxs, mini cakes): the one and only “Triangles” of Thessaloniki – a combination of mouthwatering crème patissier and freshly syruped crispy puff pastry, the divine chocolate gateauxs “Efrosini” and “Markisia”, the traditional Profiteroles with the richest chocolate sauce and the famous “Rodinia” of Grandfather Agapitos.

Choose a delicious and elegant decorated cake from the largest selection of multicoloured sugarpaste cakes to show your love, to celebrate or simply to impress!

At Agapitos, you will be introduced to the magical world of chocolate since you will find the greatest selection of chocolate products handcrafted with fine Belgian chocolate such as 30  praline chocolates & fondant cremes, 25 truffles with unique fillings, impressive 3D chocolate creations, countless chocolates bars with various fillings, toppings and designs inspired from art and fashion and of course, the only giant chocolate bars in Europe with 80 different chocolate wishes or your own message to order!

You should not forget tasting, among the 30 gelato flavours, the unique Parfait au chocolat and “Armenoville” made by hand with fresh milk and double cream as well as the freshly baked butter biscuits and the tasteful savoury products for the perfect beginning of your day.

Agapitos means Love, show your love with a sweet gift from the first gift service in Greece, at our site.

Agapitos – beloved flavours since 1944!